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Best Food Dehydrator 2015-L'Equip 306200 Review

Best Food Dehydrator 2015-L'Equip 306200 Review

The L'Equip 306200 Dehydrator uses a computer-controlled sensor to monitor the temperature inside the unit, creating a perfect drying chamber for flowers, herbs or food.

It runs on 550 watts and includes six trays (a total of 12 square feet of surface space). The temperature can be adjusted from 93 F to 150 F, allowing you to make jerky, dried fruits and vegetables, fruit leather, different kinds of granola, dried herbs, and even potpourri (which is handy for making gifts).

An instruction book containing recipes and drying times for all these items and much more is included with the unit.

Product Features:

  1. A 500-watt dehydrating unit for drying flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and meat.
  2. A thermostat controlled by a computer sensor.
  3. Twelve square feet of drying surfaces on six stackable trays.
  4. An instruction manual that includes drying times and recipes for many foods.
  5. Twelve-year limited warranty. The unit measures 17 x 11-4/5 x 10-1/2 inches.

L'Equip 306200 Pros:

  1. Has a temperature setting so that you are able to change it according to the item that you are drying.
  2. Comes with a recipe book to give you some ideas on things to make with it.
  3. The trays and mesh screens are really easy to clean.
  4. The machine is easy to operate so there is no fiddling about before you want to use it.
  5. The dehydrator is not too loud when it is being used.
  6. Offer great value for money as it is more affordable than many similar items but it still does a great job. And, most importantly, it comes with a twelve-year warranty.
  7. It is light in weight which is useful for when lifting from the back of the cupboard or putting away again.
  8. Everything is well put together and it looks like a great quality item. The trays snap together easily and securely. The unit is solidly constructed; the trays aren't flimsy, and they come with a fine mesh screen that can be removed if necessary.
  9. Dries fairly evenly. You do have to move trays around to get everything done, but all driers will need this to be done as there will be drier areas than others so this was as expected and satisfactory.
  10. Concerns that the 500 watt power would not provide enough power, but this is not the case as everything dries really well, in fact much quicker than expected.
  11. The customer service are friendly and knowledgeable when answering questions--they really know the product and how it works.
  12. The temperature control is very handy and the instruction manual that comes with the unit is also very helpful.
  13. You can also choose to heat only the some of the trays.
  14. The mesh screens allow moisture to evaporate without letting small items fall through to the tray.

L'Equip 306200 Cons:

  1. The motor is at the bottom of the tray which means that wet items can drip down on to it. Seasoning can also fall off items on to it as well.
  2. The dehydrator can take longer than the manual suggests to dry a lot of items.
  3. The round hole in the middle of the tray can make it difficult to pour the dried items off the tray without them slipping through.
  4. There is no timer, which means that you have to keep track of how long it has been drying yourself and turn it off at the appropriate time.

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